ActGlobal Xtreme Premier E-50

An engineered system using a low abrasion monofilament and totally three reinforcing spines in each filament to give superior pile resistance – even after high intensity use. Todays footballers demand more from their artificial turf and this new super durable triple spine system meets these demands. Extensive product research has shown that the triple-spine monofilament by Act Global has unmatched yarn ‘stand-up’ – this means the ball roll and bounce matches natural grass benchmarks and beyond and also the player has extra comfort as they interact with the correct blend of grass fibre and infill meaning reduced risk of injury due to ankle or knee ligaments becoming stretched. Confidence is given by the fact that raw materials are of the highest quality as expected of Act Global as USA’s leader in turf technology and only selected FIFA Preferred Producer


Product Specification

Yarn type: Monofilament Spined

Thickness: 240 Micron

Dtex yarn: 10.000 dtex

Product of USA

FIFA Preferred Producer


True PE monofilament grass fibers 150 or 240 Micron

•    Fiber thickness for greater durability – much thicker than slit film, mono tape or parallel cut tape products

•    Low glare technology – reduces light reflection to the athletes, fans and TV

•    High fiber memory – fibers will stand up longer

•    Increased resistance to UV for excellent color retention and durability

•    Appears more like natural grass

•    Improvements in softness for lower skin abrasion


Test Reports


•    Lab tested according to the FIFA quality and biomechanical standards
•    Prior UEFA certification (XT Premier N60)

•    ASTM testing and Environmental

•    Meets Royal Dutch Football Federation norms

•    Designed in ISO 9001/ISO 14000 certified plant

•    High quality manufacturing with numerous quality checks prior to shipment

•    Quality maintenance program based on facts – important for long-term performance & durability